Selected United States Regulations

Rule Exemptions Law
Applying to All Calls
Illegal to transmit misleading or inaccurate CID with intent to defraud, cause harm, or wrongfully obtain anything of value Law Enforcement; Court-Ordered Truth-in-CID
Applying to All Telephone Solicitations (telemarketing; auto-dialed or not)
No calls to numbers on Do-Not-Call list Prior express permission; established business relationship; tax-exempt non-profit DNC
Calls must include proper Caller-ID TSR & TCPA
Applying to Auto-Dialed Robocalls (delivering a pre-recorded message)
No calls to residences Non-Commercial; HIPAA; prior written consent; existing business relationship TSR & TCPA
Must identify, at beginning of message, identity of entity making call; plus telephone number or address of entity; info must be valid, verifiable, and actionable HIPAA TSR & TCPA
Must offer interactive opt-out; if left on voicemail, must include toll-free opt-out number HIPAA TSR & TCPA
Applying to Auto-Dialed Calls (including robocalls OR transfer to live agent)
Not permitted to wireless numbers No-charge calls from Wireless Service Provider; Noncommercial with prior oral or written consent; telemarketing with prior written consent; HIPAA TSR & TCPA
Calls that fail to transfer to live agent within 2 seconds must deliver a prerecorded ID message when abandoning call that includes: opt-out number; interactive opt-out mechanism. Abandon rate cannot exceed 3% Tax-Exempt Non-Profit; HIPAA TSR & TCPA
TSR : Telemarketing Sales Rule, 16 CFR Part 310
Truth-in-CID: Truth in Caller ID Act
TCPA: Telephone Consumer Protection act
DNC: National Do Not Call Act